T-SAC #1 Paper Tea Filters (2-Cup Size)

$ 7.99

These tea filter papers save the day and NO holders or attachments are needed! Just pre-fill your t-sac filter with tea or herbs and place in an envelope in your briefcase or handbag. The filled t-sac will stand up in a mug or cup and can be held in place with the lid of a travel mug. These filters are great for home or office use and for use with small leafed teas and Rooibos! These long t-sacs have a fold out gusseted base to produce a better tea infusion. The filters are for cups, mugs and glasses, using up to 2 spoons of tea. Simply add your favorite tea or a blend of teas to the sac, fold or twist the top, and brew in a tea for one or mug. If brewing in a teapot, place the folded flap under the lid for secure brewing. With these revolutionary filters, making loose leaf tea is fast and easy with virtually no clean up! These t-sacs are made with 100% biodegradable, all natural Manila Chlorine Free hemp.

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